Rotterdam blco buyers

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Rotterdam blco buyers

We currently serve any world port. If you are a buyer or direct mandate to a performing buyer please feel free to contact us. Bonny Light crude oil is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the prolific region around the city of Bonny.

Nigeria was the most flexible country with regards to buying crude oil. Getting a reliable BLCO seller is very difficult to most buyers. Beware, and make sure you perform your due diligence. We do not work with broker chains, if you are a direct buyer or direct to a performing buyer feel free to contact us. Jet fuel is a top of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft by gas-turbine engines.

The most commonly use fuels for commercial aviation commonly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A, Jet A-1 and TS-1 which are produced to a standardized international specification.

With our ongoing reputation and integrity, we are pleased to have secured direct representation of petroleum products suppliers, buyers and official mandates, offering a secure and transparent position for the acquisition of various petroleum products.


Our philosophy and our current market position, enables us to promptly and professionally offer real access to petroleum products through our verified and performing suppliers and provide accurate information on pricing, terms and availability.

This not only provides confidence for the petroleum buyer by removing large chains of brokers or intermediaries, it also provides a single point of contact with the advantage to negotiate directly through us with the engagement of the petroleum products end buyers and suppliers directly to secure and finalize the transaction in an expedited time-frame. Not one refinery produces a direct singular product called D2.

D6 is a type of residual fuel, mainly used in power plants and larger ships. The fuel requires to be preheated before it can be used. A strategic ally Business Caribbean, Corp. No menu assigned!The commodities industry is rampant with scams, fake entities, and non-existent supply.

If you want to work with us, be prepared to answer questions and to be thoroughly reviewed before accessing our network. Tank sub-leasing. As intermediary and facilitator, our goal is to put buyers and sellers at ease. How do we do this? By ensuring everyone we work with has gone through extensive due diligence, whether end buyer, end seller, buyers mandate, sellers mandate, broker, or intermediary.

Our vision and our goal is to build a network of trusted buyers and sellers. We do a lot to protect our network and any new entity that wants to join our inner circle will undergo intense scrutiny.

We would rather walk away from a deal than to risk putting our relationships on the line. If you want to work with us, drop us an email or message.

Our supplier works with a group of 12 refineries in Russia and US. The company's prices are competitive due to having no intermediaries between the company and the refineries. Please use the contact form if interested in joining our network or if you wish to inquire about any of the above open contracts. For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:.

Thanks for submitting! Updated: Jan 22, Enter Your Name. Enter Your Email. Enter Your Subject. Enter Your Message Here.We can now give you a clear picture of the timeline for a CIF delivery. We invite you to review this timeline as it will answer many questions a prospective buyer will want to know and understand. If you have a qualified buyer that can agree with the sellers required procedures then Nigerian Oil Services can guarantee your buyer will get oil delivered with a real qualified and verified seller that is already delivering to other buyers around the world.

There are presently 40 allotment holders, all of which have brought a contract into the NNPC to get the allotment, last year Most all of them have sold their allotment and are now selling out of the bulk equity account.

Our seller, the NNPC, is presently lifting to over 50 refineries every month. In order to buy through a Private Offering Seller you have to be introduced and agree to at least some commissions to be paid even if it is the seller that is the paymaster. No one is going to let you buy a Private Offering without being paid.

There is only one pathway to close a BLCO deal in a timely way. You can spend months or years trying to find a real seller that has documents to prove legitimacy but you will have to go to Nigeria in person with the document to get a real verification.

No documentation foe off-OPEC offerings is available to be verified remotely. It is also extremely rare to get any verification at all that is legitimate. Someone is using fake documents to either find a real seller or to find a real buyer or to coax a real buyer to sign a contract and put up a banking instrument so that the fake seller can go into the NNPC and actually get oil to sell nobody wants to turn away a paying customer even if the seller used false documents to get that buyer.

You can try your luck with the thousands of agents running the streets in Nigeria and on the internet. We know of several people that have tried to purchase BLCO this way for years with no success. The NNPC has consistently warned people against taking this path. If your refinery is a serious buyer forget about the verification process. It is nearly impossible to get anything verified unless you are taking physical documents into the NNPC offices in Abuja or the Bonny offshore Terminal.

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Even when doing that it is unlikely you will be able to talk to someone that will inform you they are offering oil off-OPEC at a discount.

The Bonny Terminal has stopped allowing visitors citing terrorist threats. I think the real reason is they got tired of verifying ATSs for real sellers that bring in non-performing buyers. Most signed contracts never close because the buyer does not have the money or can not convince their bank to send the required callable instrument to get export approval.

Real sellers are there monthly, fakes never can get an appointment. There is one shortcut to get product for a serious buyer. Work through Nigerian Oil Services to get introduced to the people that have been given authority to sell from those that control all of the sales of crude oil NNPC Officials and actually own the oil. Please let us serve you. To my knowledge, this is the only short pathway to source and get delivered real product.

There is no other way. You can not get to communicate directly with the decision makers at the NNPC without an introduction. They do not have time to meet with anybody that walks in off the street — even if you are a refinery they will not see you without an introduction. The officials do not want to work with someone that they do not trust. It takes connections to make a purchase.Origin: Nigeria.

Specification: As per the International standard. Quantity: 2. Duration: SPOT with possible annual contract thereafter. Price: Dtd Brent minus discount to be agreed. Commission: To be agreed. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer. Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order. Seller issues draft contract, signed and sealed to the buyer and send together with his Company profile.

BLCO Buyers

Seller lodges the same with his Bank. The electronically signed and sealed contract is legally binding and enforceable. The copies of such set Seller delivers by e-mail to the Buyer to speed up the verification process.

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POP allocation document issued or assigned, sealed and signed by NNPC showing Seller as beneficiary, valid for the actual period of timeExport License issued, sealed and signed showing Seller as beneficiary valid for the actual period of time.

Export Permit issued or assigned, showing Seller as beneficiary, valid for the actual period of time and showing the product particulars. Loading Terminal confirmation on readiness to receive and load the product.

rotterdam blco buyers

One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Commercial Invoice, based on the loaded quantity and quality by SGS report. Showing name of vessel, date of completion, discharge quantity and state of delivery.

One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Certificate of Quantity issued at the discharge port,One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Certificate of Quality issued at the discharge port. One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Certificate of Origin, countersigned and stamped by a local Chamber of Commerce at loading port. One 1 original of the Ullage report issued at loading terminal.

One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Cleanliness Report at loading port. One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Certificate of Ownership assigned to the Buyer. One 1 original and three 3 copies of the Custom Clearance at the loading port. Any other documents pertaining or related to this transaction, duly signed by the authorized person s and as required by and specified in the Documentary Letter of Credit. The Proof of Product POP should consist of the following documents issued in Original or copies certified by the ICC recognized notary: POP allocation document issued or assigned, sealed and signed by NNPC showing Seller as beneficiary, valid for the actual period of timeExport License issued, sealed and signed showing Seller as beneficiary valid for the actual period of time.

This site was designed with the.If you are serious supplier and can send SCO with certificates fast time contact us with the seller commission this can splitt. Price Discount: TBA upon contact. Sellers and Mandates to contact for Procedures. Categories : EnergyCrude Oil. Must show proof with Chinese Customs Certificate or other Chinese Documents that my Buyer can use to vett and verify that the products is in China or Chinese territories.

rotterdam blco buyers

NO POF, until product has been verified. Thanks Gregory G. Need genuine offers from genuine sellers only. We are interested only in direct contact with Mandates or sellers as we ourselves are mandate for a genuine Buyer. If you can accept following procedures then kindly contact us otherwise no need to waste your time and ours. We top urgent to buy M,D2,JP Seeking capable buyers of BLCO to contact me immediately for regularly available genuine allocation and genuinely signed contracts from capable sellers with sound lifting Procedure but willing to adjust to respectful other procedure that will provide result.

Loaded vesses are regularly available with relevant documents for. If you have a serious Buyer we is eager to buy, then we will like you to confirm it by mail and specify how you want it to be supply for 12 months contract. Looking forward to. I need 6 million barrels per month, also seller must accept my procedure, also seller must provide space of two agents to be on seller side but buyer side must be free.

Seller must send me ats, pop, tsr, dc, and vessel tracking data plus spa with buyer procedure. Hello, I have a request for the of barrels of the above monthly for a year to South Africa. Kindly confirm your capacity to support this requirement. Yearly contract with serious sellers. RSS Feeds. Ask about BLCO. Contact Now. New Zealand. United States. Looking forward to Categories : EnergyCrude Oil. Buy Blco Crude Oil 7 Sep, I need 6 million barrels per month, also seller must accept my procedure, also seller must provide space of two agents to be on seller side but buyer side must be free.

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Thanks This buyer would like not to disclose his contact information. Need more Buyer data? Go to Page Go.

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Do you have BLCO or other products of your own? This page has fresh BLCO buying leads from worldwide buyers. Global BLCO buyers find suppliers here every day. If you are a manufacturer or supplier who want more international buyers, join EC21 for free now, and get your products listed here. Recommended Content.

rotterdam blco buyers

Inquiry Basket.This article is to help inform a real buyer of the registration procedure required to be able to start the buying process. We will advise you of availability. At the present time May 10, we have 4 different NNPC Approved Fiduciaries that sell out of the bulk equity account of ,o00 barrels.

We are not the exclusive seller for these people so this amount is obviously going to be reduced, without notice, as these Fiduciaries sell product. Each seller has every right to sell via the price and procedure that are acceptable to them. Since there is a high demand they will not entertain unreasonable price requests. Nigeria has 50 refineries that are already buying stock at full price via OPEC transactions. The Sellers pay us on the sellers side for the marketing and negotiation services we render them.

This is just the results of a free market offering. Now this leads to another conclusion. Please remember, this is a business where you are doing all the work on the front end and once the work is done you are paid over and over again without further labor involved. Now to begin this process it would be best to go to our enrollment page and fill out the form with the items in No.

Thank you for your interest.

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Search for:.Upgrade your membership What are the different type of membership options? The buyer needs to enter into a long time business relationship with a supplier who. Can you send us your best offer CIF? Awaiting your further response. Best Rega. Please contact. We kindly ask you to provide the conditions, please also provide a copy of.

If this is possible we. Please send us your SCO. Thank you. Contact: Mr.

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Syamsul Budi. Qty : 2M barrels per month for a one yr contract Kindly contact us for further details. This would be a trial shipment as th.

rotterdam blco buyers

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Wanted : Bonny Light Crude Oil

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