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Osrs youtube

osrs youtube

Nex is restless in her eternal prison. The blood-lust seething out from her magical cage is almost too much for the fragile walls of the God Wars Dungeon to bear. With her four mages protecting her from the damage of others, even the highest quality adventurer could be devastated if they took her on alone. Will you allow the General of Zaros to break free? Defeat her and you may be able to take home a valued piece of ancient warriors' armor: Torva, Pernix, and Virtus.

More information about this event can be found in This topic. Ahoy matey! Did you hear about the ship's recent success? Aye, that ship that is docked at Port Khazard! It is the best vessel that ever fished on in the entire land! A grand amount of treasure! Prepare yourself by visiting the Port Khazard General Store right before we set off to sea. Deep under the Barbarian Outpost, there are foul creatures called Penance monsters. The barbarians have been trying to fight off the Penance creatures, but their efforts have not been very effective.

They need more strong adventurers to come help them defeat the Penance monsters and ultimately taking down the Penance Queen. This can only be done with a team where everyone is doing their part and working together. If we defeat the Penance creatures, the barbarians may reward us with Honour Points which can be spent to from things like special armor to re-coloring your weapons! As you enter a dark cave, you see a portal emerge from the darkness.

A great beast comes forth and makes the world tremble beneath its feet. As you start to quiver in your boots, you see other adventures arrive to help slay this massive beast.

Will you and your fellow adventures survive or will you all perish?

RuneScape Mobile Early Access

Deep down under the flowers and dirt of Falador park lays the greatest mole of them all! With its powerful claws, it can rip through anyone who dares to challenge its might and is able to dig to travel at speeds that no person can fathom. The gardeners of the park need our aid in the elimination of this giant ani-mole.

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Community Led Account Help Need help with your account? Community Led Technical Support Confused by weird error messages? Community Led Payment Support Having troubles setting up a payment?Prayer bonus is essential for Dagannoth Kingsand everyone's setup differs to a slight degree.

It is best to try out DKS with another person and low risk.

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Once you are comfortable with the Kings, you will be able to modify your setup to your own style. This setup is used by people who solo Dagannoth Rex. It is mostly used because Rex is the easiest out of all the Kings as it can be safespottedas well as the chance of receiving the berserker ring. Using Guthan's armour set is highly recommended for very long trips; however, the Saradomin godsword and blood spells are better there because of the random effect of healing Guthan's set provides and the fact that Spinolyps may not always be within melee range.

If using Flames of Zamoraka Staff of the dead combined with the Charge spell and Zamorak cape should be used for the best damage available for the spell. If using Claws of Guthixa Void knight mace should be used as it can autocast the spell. The most difficult part is the entry. Rex killers want to make it around to the east side without getting noticed by the other kings.

Also, they can enlist the help of a suicider, which is a friend who carries some spare food and potions to trade over at a safe area e. As always, the player needs to have Protect from Magic on when going down, and immediately go back up if drawing attention from the other kings if not using a suicider. Once the kings are away from the ladder, the player needs to quickly head east while hugging the coastline. When luring Rex, players should take care not to go past the rocks on the map nor lure him if Prime is nearby, or they risk attracting attention from the other kings.

A tribrid setup means using MagicRanged and Melee all in one per person, it is only recommended for people who are experienced and a minimum of two people generally best with three. If doing a duo, an alternative to attacking all three kings is to have one person targeting Rexwhilst the other targets Prime and Supreme.

osrs youtube

For soloers, enter with Protect from Magic activated, and get Supreme as close to the ladder as possible before killing him with Piety ; if Prime is a safe distance away and Supreme is very close to the ladder, you can use Protect from Missiles. This can be done by climbing the ladder up and down until he has been lured. Otherwise, Prime will get on you prompting you to keep Protect from Magic on and tank Supreme's hits, which will drain your supplies.

Afterwards, safe-spot and kill Rex, and since Prime will be on you, keep Protect from Magic on. Lastly, go north-east and kill Prime. The optimal spot to kill him is denoted by rocks on the ground in triangle formation. An alternate strategy for soloers is to follow the same procedure up to Prime i. Kill Rex again, finish off Prime, and go kill Supreme. Assuming the player wishes to use Guthan's but is wearing other best-in-slot gear instead, Guthan's set would be in the inventory.

If any piece of Guthan's is worn, however, then the remaining pieces would be in the player's inventory along with any switching gear the player has chosen. Otherwise, more food could be brought in lieu of Guthan's.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].Bryophytathe Moss Giantess, is an ancient and mystical moss giant boss who can be found in her lair in the Varrock Sewers.

Bryophyta's lair is located just north of where the moss giants reside in the sewers, accessible by the agility shortcut from the Edgeville Dungeon 51 Agility required or through the Varrock Sewers.

osrs youtube

In order to access Bryophyta's lair, the player must obtain a mossy key from a moss giant. Each mossy key permits for only one attempt, similar to accessing Obor 's lair with a giant key.

Warning: If you die within the lair, there is absolutely no way for you to retrieve items lost on death! In order to reach Bryophyta, players will need a knife or blade to slash the web to get to the lair if they are reaching her via the Varrock Sewers. Members with level 51 Agility can access an agility shortcut by Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon.

[OSRS] Iron Man Episode 67

Unlike Obor's chambers where he is confined in a small pitplayers are immediately taken to Bryophytha's chambers, where she will attack them on sight - prior to entering the room, activate Protect from Magic.

She is also capable of poisoning players, starting at 8 damage, so it is recommended to bring some form of poison protection to cure her poison. Unlike Oborshe does not take protection prayers into account. During the fight, she may summon three growthlings - they are fairly weak, but they must be killed, as Bryophyta is immune to all damage while they are alive.

In order to finish them, an axe or secateurs must be used not wielded on them. If a player has forgotten either one of these items, they can grab a bronze axe from a pile of logs near her.

She can only have one batch of growthlings in the chambers throughout the whole fight, but can summon more if the previous batch were killed off.

F2P players are recommended to bring green d'hide armour for the increased magic defence, aswell as a rune kiteshield and rune full helm for the most optimal setup against her attacks. Regarding offence the player is best off with a rune scimitar. The recommended stats for fighting Bryophyta is a minimum of 50 in strength, attack and defence. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Rune med helm. Rune full helm. Rune longsword. Rune chainbody. Rune plateskirt. Rune platelegs. Adamant platebody.Lizards Lacertilia giganteus are Slayer monsters found in the Kharidian Desert that require level 22 Slayer to kill. Ice coolerswhich can be bought from any slayer masterare required to kill them.

The cooler will be consumed, so multiple coolers are necessary for slayer trips. They can be killed in place of Small Lizards or Desert Lizards on a slayer taskand are found within the same area as the desert lizards. They will provide more experience on a task than desert lizards. Ice coolers must be used on them when they reach low health in order to kill them. Players would be wise to bring a few extra because of this. Waterskins and a means of filling them, such as a Knife for cutting cacti or Humidify should be brought to avoid dying in the desert due to heat.

Desert clothing may be useful if you can afford to fight without decent armour. Magic attacks appear to be effective, particularly fire spellsalthough melee works well enough. These Lizards should be killed for the most experience, as they have more hitpoints. There are two that spawn due north-east of the fairy ring, almost at the edge of the map. They are each near a cactus. You can kill the first lizard, slash a cactus with knife, move to the second, kill lizard, slash cactus, repeat as needed.

They drop big bonesso more experience in Slayer, combatand Prayer is gained than with the smaller lizards. On the other hand, killing the smaller lizards allows you to complete your task more quickly. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses, see Lizard disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Strawberry seed. Sweetcorn seed.

Old School RuneScape

Watermelon seed. Grimy guam leaf.

Yellow sbd

Grimy marrentill. Grimy tarromin. Grimy harralander. Grimy ranarr weed. Grimy irit leaf. Grimy avantoe. Grimy cadantine. Grimy lantadyme. Grimy dwarf weed.Since its release, OSRS has received frequent updates and new content to keep the game fresh. Grind-heavy tasks are great candidates, as are any traditional AFK tasks, such as mining, woodcutting, fishing, and crafting.

Just begin a task and set your phone down for several minutes. You can also make some money this way, which is great news for any new or F2P players looking to make a dime. OSRS Mobile features a withdraw-all toggle in the bank, so you can fill your inventory with a specific crafting item with a single tap.

Once your inventory is full, start crafting, set your phone down, and go about your business. Once the crafting is finished, you can deposit all finished items with a single tap as well.

This method lets you boost your Old School RuneScape Crafting skill while away from your computer so you can enjoy the more active elements of OSRS from behind a keyboard. To speed up menu navigation in Old School RuneScape Mobile, there is a small icon at the top of the left hand menu that allows you to toggle tap-to-drop.

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Inventory space is more valuable than gold in many situations. Long press to switch to switch between tap-to-drop, single-tap, and Keyboard shortcuts. Non-tradeable items and items with no in-game value are not available on the GE.

Aside from that, virtually anything can be purchased for the right price. Even Bonds, which can be exchanged for 14 days of Member status, can be bought for the right price.

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This allows you to check more often and potentially get some good deals. Players are limited to a certain number of slots to buy or sell items. Paying members get eight slots, and free-to-play players get three. Free players must also get at least 7 quest points or be active for 24 hours to gain access. If an item is in high demand and there are few people selling, prices will go up. There are, however, some measures in place to prevent price fixing.

There you can see the average price of any item as well as statistics and trends. Slayer is a skill available only to paying Old School RuneScape members. Once a player reaches a certain skill level, they will be able to defeat otherwise unkillable monsters.

Some of these monsters include slayer bosses that have rare and valuable drops. Slayer masters are located around the map, but the first one Turael is located in the general store in Burthorpe.

When you approach a Slayer master and meet the minimum requirement they will assign you a monster to kill. Often these monsters require special Slayer equipment to defeat. Make sure to ask the Slayer master for advice, and buy the gear from them if required.

The nice thing about training Slayer is that Slayer monsters give normal combat experience. This means you can kill two birds with one stone and level Combat while completing Slayer tasks. Old School RuneScape Slayer training is a grind, but the rewards are worthwhile. These rankings include skill experience levels and scores in OSRS minigames.

You can also search for your own character and see how you size up to the competition!Since its initial launch, Old School RuneScape has been regularly maintained and updated. New content has been introduced, whether it be similar to RuneScape 3or something completely new.

Lunar Diplomacy

As a wiki, we encourage our readers to be bold and contribute. If you notice any error - whether it be syntactical, grammatical, or informational - hit the "edit" button at the top of the page and help by correcting it yourself. Thanks to your efforts, we have become one of the best sites for this game, mimicking our sister's success.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Poll Are you going to participate in the Twisted League? The poll was created at on November 14,and so far people voted. Categories :. Achievements Graceful outfit Quests Vorkath Exclusive content.

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